We now sell F5 CERTIFIED Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms!

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Dilbeck MFG. Inc.

Dilbeck Manufacturing has one of the most innovative storm shelters in the market today. Our storm shelters are FEMA compliant. Our tornado shelters are designed so that you can install the shelter yourself on your own property, or we can install it for you. There are no installation charges for storm shelters that are delivered within 150 miles of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The only safe room storm shelters you will ever need, car tested and qualified to 3000 lbs.

Dilbeck safe room storm shelters have many advantages to underground storm shelters.

  • You cannot get trapped inside our storm shelters.
  • If you move you can take your storm shelter with you.
  • No heavy equipment to install your storm shelter.
  • Installs anywhere to your four inch concrete slab.
  • We ship nationwide.
  • The testing done at the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center is not enough, we tested ours with a 3000 lb car from 20 feet in the air dropped on top of it and our storm shelter sustained no damage.
  • We are the only one that custom design different sizes to fit your needs and space. No extra charge.
  • We use only the best bolts, nuts, washers and anchor bolts.
  • We have been make storm shelters for five years now and have been in business since February 1998.
  • We do not have any middle man marking up our product.
  • We make it we deliver it and install it.

Our prices are 20% to 35% cheaper than most other suppliers

And no charge for installation. Saves $300 to $400 dollars.


Our Most Popular Storm Shelter Sizes

43″ x 43″

Fits up to 4 people


43″ x 82″

Fits up to 8 people


62″ x 82″

Fits up to 11 people


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